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DND Submarine Shed

DND Submarine Shed

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Department of National Defence (DND) is responsible for protecting Canada’s interests at home and abroad. DND required construction of a new facility at HMC Dockyard in Halifax harbour to conduct maintenance and repairs on a fleet of recently acquired Victoria-class submarines.

We provided complete fire safety systems for the 94-foot-tall submarine shed. The systems required careful thought and planning to meet the safety requirements for the shed and for the maintenance and repair crews assigned to the facility.

We chose deluge-style fire safety systems as the most effective fire prevention strategy for the project. These systems were installed above the submarine bay to ensure the safety of the submarines while vessels are in the shed. Deluge systems provide a simultaneous release of water over a large area, allowing for the quick extinguishing of a fire. A 3500 GPM fire pump pressurizes the water supply and delivers the water to the deluge system at the required pressure for maximum efficacy.

Our design also includes fire sprinklers underneath the raised platforms used by the submarine maintenance and repair crews to ensure the safety of the personnel.

We completed the project on time and within budget while maintaining the high standards of workmanship on which Life Safety Systems has built its reputation.