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Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market

Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market

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The Halifax Farmers’ Market originally opened in 1750 and is the oldest continually running market in North America. The market outgrew its original building and an old building at Pier 20 was renovated into the new Seaport Farmers’ Market, which opened in 2010. It is now home to more than 250 vendors selling Nova Scotia’s best local products and operates year-round, 7-days a week.

We were involved in the mechanical construction of the Seaport Market building and provided total fire safety (sprinkler) systems. Our Building Services division continues to provide mechanical services to the building. On a quarterly basis, our technicians service the building’s emergency recovery vents, hot water tanks, heat pumps, and exhaust fans.

The building includes a number of unique features, such as:

  • An 80% reduction in water use through low-flow fixtures and rainwater capture for non-potable requirements such as toilet flushing and irrigation.
  • One of the largest green roofs in North America, which helps to reduce storm water run-off by containing water on the roof and helps to provide cooling in the summer time.
  • A biowall that provides natural air filtration to improve the indoor air quality for the vendors and shoppers.
  • High-performance walls and windows, as well as heat recovery ventilators and heat pumps, that help reduce heating requirements.
  • A solar array of evacuated tubes provides heat and hot water to the building.
  • Geothermal wells that provide free heating and cooling. Extra solar heat from the summer can be stored in the geothermal wells for use in the colder months.

We continue to provide service and maintenance to the market building.