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What We Do

Life Safety Systems offers a complete suite of total fire protection systems and services to meet the needs of industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI), and residential buildings of all sizes across the Atlantic provinces.

Our exclusive focus on fire protection systems allows us to extend our expertise to design, installation, commissioning, inspection, and maintenance. Similarly, we are able offer comprehensive fire protection system capabilities that include sprinkler systems, fire pumps, pre-action, deluge, standpipe, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, foam systems, FM 200, and Hi Fog mist systems.

Design: CAD and Interference Drawings

designWhen you consider that lives are literally at stake, it’s no wonder that building owners and property managers often find the selection of a fire protection system for their institutional, commercial, industrial, or residential property a daunting task.

Our sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities and team of professional engineers will design a fire protection system that meets your building’s needs, while also certifying that it meets fire-related provincial regulations, standards, and building codes.

Build: Installation and Commissioning

buildThe investment in designing a fire protection system for your building is of little value if it is not installed properly. A properly functioning fire protection system is critical to protect your property and assets, but more importantly, to protect people’s lives.

Our highly skilled and continuously trained technicians can install and commission an already-designed system or one that has been custom-designed for you by Life Safety Systems.

Service: Inspection and Maintenance

serviceTrust your building’s fire protection inspection to a team that focuses exclusively on fire protection systems.

We offer comprehensive, single-source service capabilities that will ensure your fire protection and sprinkler systems are in proper working condition and in full compliance with provincial and national fire codes.